Where to Start

What Level to Use:

Quick Start – Fosters confidence and prepares for success.
– For very beginners who have never played before.
– No need to read the staff, rhythms, or even know all the names of the notes!
– Ideal introduction to basic concepts in just minutes a day.

Bronze –Gets the average student started playing.
– For very beginners, any age, staff reading not required.
– Introduces posture, singing, dynamics, tempo, and touch.
– Ideal for anyone who does not fluently read music.
– Encourages simple finger coordination.

Silver – Builds skill and understanding of music.
– Introduces transposition, triads, & the circle of fifths.
– Exercises remain in 5 finger patterns.
– Expands finger coordination skills.
– Exercises are still independent of any need to concentrate on the staff.

Gold – Teaches transposition to all keys.
– Gold Complete develops competencies in all keys.
– Gold 1 and 2 should be used for a more gradual skill development.
– Includes focus on scale techniques.
– Students have plenty to focus on beyond the staff.

Platinum – Teaches primary chords and cadences.
– Assumes competent understanding of all keys.
– Develops hand to hand independence.
– Students have plenty to focus on beyond the staff.

Finger Fun – Can be introduced any time after Silver.
– Drills isolate common fingering techniques.
– Expands outside 5 finger positions.