Could your students benefit from a simple but powerful, easy to use incentive option?  Not only does Finger Olympiad get your students to the piano daily, but it will also dramatically enhance their musicality, coordination, and practice time efficiency.  In literally only 2 minutes a day – or less, and very little of your actual lesson time, you can provide students a way to earn advancements and recognition.  With a clean layout and simple explanations, it is straightforward enough for even their parents to help them with, not that they will need help.

Don’t change a thing you are doing with your favorite method books nor your lesson time.  Chances are good that you already have a general idea of what works for you.  Because Finger Olympiad brings music to the bare bones level, I am not aware of any teaching method out there that would be disrupted.  Students are simply asked to focus on such basics as proper posture while sitting at the piano, or practice playing at the piano level for mere minutes a day.   Finger Olympiad is so basic that it never even requires staff reading, so it can be used no matter where the student is in their musical reading ability.  I have found this to be a life saver for those students who love music, but are not the best readers.  Instead our aim is to foster student confidence in their own abilities, to use their fingers, and to create music.

There are no time wasters, so no worry about music getting stale, or unproductive pieces students don’t want to play.  Instead we ask them to develop focus.  We keep it short, but the focus becomes more intense as the student moves through the program.  For many students just this idea – they can learn to focus – is life changing.  We teach them about their attitudes, their habits, and how to become a better student.  Consistency and good practices are what is rewarded, and students can easily see their own improvement.  In our world of instant gratification, students who are constantly looking for shortcuts, and a generalized lack of good skills and attention, Finger Olympiad fills many of the needs your students don’t even realize they have.  It is a good thing they have you to guide them.



Finger Olympiad was developed by a degreed piano teacher with hands on experience in many different methods and programs.  This program is designed to fill the gaps that almost all of them have, especially in the beginning to intermediate levels.  Over the course of years of teaching, and hundreds of students, Finger Olympiad has been developed and field tested on many different learning styles, many different ages, and many different attention abilities.  It is guaranteed to be the quality of program that you have been looking for, or your money back.*  In fact, for teachers who are willing to register and attend a brief training, there are some valuable incentives available.**  More about that later.

This program is simple enough to use that even beginner students and self taught musicians can progress through the series with no professional input.  However, we all know that there is no substitute for a well trained teacher.  The one on one aspect of the teacher-student relationship is invaluable, and will always be invaluable.  Remember, Finger Olympiad focuses on finger and mind development only.  It never even asks students to learn to read music, and it definitely can’t recommend music.  That is your job.

We are aware that many individuals in our society are looking for free or cheap, and easy.  Our business model is structured to allow access to those who will never seek anything beyond free, cheap and easy.  Anyone can download a digital only copy of a book for only $4.99.  However, we also wanted to offer some valuable tools exclusively to our teachers.  We want to offer teachers an option to make a small profit on the materials they choose to use without a major time or financial investment.  By becoming a registered teacher (free) you will have access to:

  • purchase hard copies of the entire series
  • discounted hard copies for group orders
  • a teacher classroom kit with posters to remind students to use their new tools (coming soon)
  • access to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Finger Fun medals
  • unadvertised versions to help with specific students
  • purchase a digital subscription that allows you to print, AND CHARGE FOR, unlimited books for up to a full year

As you can see, we want our teachers to have access to all the tools they need to really make Finger Olympiad work for them.  If you choose to become a registered teacher, you will receive basic training on how to use this in your lessons while changing very little of what you already do.  We will show you how to adapt the program to individual student needs, how to set a faster or slower pace, and how to monetize your program.

To register for our free training, simply use the form below to submit your e-mail address, and we will contact you shortly to get you the training you need, and access to all of the benefits of a registered teacher.

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