Silver – Develops two hand playing and introduces chords.

  •  Introduces transposition, triads, & the circle of fifths.
  • Exercises remain in 5 finger patterns.
  • Expands finger coordination skills.
  • Exercises are still independent of any need to concentrate on the staff.


SilverBuilds technical skill and general understanding of music.

Silver is the second level in the Finger Olympiad warm up and recognition series. Students in the silver level should have basic familiarity with the notes of the piano, and basic finger coordination. Continuing in the style of Bronze, note reading is not required. Focus will be on continued development of finger control, technical performance skills, and good practice habits. Students will be introduced to the circle of fifths, and prepared for chord theory.

The Finger Olympiad series is based on solid, modern, scientific learning strategies, avoiding some of the most common frustrations students encounter. Instead focus is on attitudes, achievements and recognition. Finger Olympiad trains and focuses on specific skills for developing complete musicianship. Because of the focus on musical fundamentals, this workbook can be used for either independent study, or in a teacher-student setting as a supplement to any other method.

Silver is the second complete warm up book in the Finger Olympiad warm-up and recognition series. Digital download includes a beginning warm-up book, flash cards, and recognition certificate. As the name indicates, a silver medal may be ordered to recognize the completion of this level.

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