Finger Fun


Finger Fun – Can be introduced any time after Silver.

– Drills isolate common fingering techniques.

– Expands outside 5 finger positions.


Finger FunPractices common fingering problems.

Finger Fun can be used any time after Silver. Finger Fun is more of a supplement to the other Finger Olympiad books. Focus is on repetition rather than practice patterns. Students will want to be familiar with all major and minor triads. Despite not requiring note reading, these activities will expand outside of the traditional five finger positions.

The Finger Olympiad series is based on solid, modern, scientific learning strategies, avoiding some of the most common frustrations students encounter.  Instead focus is on attitudes, achievements and recognition. Finger Olympiad trains and focuses on specific skills for developing complete musicianship. Because of the focus on musical fundamentals, this workbook can be used for either independent study, or in a teacher-student setting as a supplement to any other method.

Digital download includes a warm-up book, and recognition certificate.

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This download is designed to be printed 2 sided in color.  Consider printing the final pages on cardstock for more durable use.


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