Fast Start

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This downloadable file contains:

  • the entire Fast Start book,
  • instructions for use,
  • relevant flash cards,
  • and a fill-able certificate of completion.


New beginners start here.  If you can wiggle all of your fingers, and count to 5, you can use fast start.

Fast Start – Fosters confidence and prepares for success.

Designed as a simple introduction for very beginners who have never played piano, or any type of music before.  No need to read the staff, count rhythms, or even know the names of the notes (yet!)  The Finger Olympiad series is based on solid, modern, scientific learning strategies, avoiding some of the most common frustrations students encounter.  Instead focus is on attitudes, achievements and recognition.  Finger Olympiad trains and focuses on specific skills for developing complete musicianship.  
This introductory book (21 pages) is designed to prepare students of any age to become familiar with musical concepts, and the piano itself, and serves as an introduction to the Finger Olympiad warm-up and recognition series.  Digital download includes a 4 week introductory booklet, flash cards, and recognition certificate.


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