Silver Level

Silver level

The Silver Level follows directly after Bronze Level.  Before starting with Silver, students should be comfortable playing with both hands on the piano.  Drills will emphasize extra practice for the left hand, and parallel and contrary motion coordination of hands together.  Activites and fingering patterns become slightly more challenging than in Bronze.

Bronze races will drill for speed with chromatic scales, and will teach all major and minor triads by sight.  A brief introduction to transposition is included, but is not the focus.  C position is the default assumed position, but individual teachers may guide students to expand beyond C.  Expected completion times are similar to that of Bronze Level, and students can be expected to be comfortable with playing hands together, the basics of musicality, familiarity with the circle of fifths, and all triads upon completion of Silver.  None of these skills require staff reading.  As in all other Finger Olympiad books, staff reading should be taught elsewhere, and is not required.

Flash cards included focus on major and minor triads by feel.silver-page001



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