Fast Start and Bronze

Fast Start

is used for the student who has NEVER touched the piano before.  It gives a general overview of how to sit at the piano, how to play fast, slow, loud, soft, short, long.  Fingers step up five notes, then down five notes.  There are also two quick “races” where students learn to identify the names of the white notes.

Practice rules are introduced that will be used in all the Finger Olympiad books, and that will also be useful in any practicing the student will need to do.  Positive affirmations are provided via flashcards that are included with the book.

Fast Start can be finished in as little as one week, or students may take an entire month to finish.  A Certificate of Completion should be presented once the student finishes the entire book.



The Bronze Level is the first complete book where students may earn a medal.   Exercises expand on the concepts introduced in the Fast Start, and are designed to foster confidence and build general coordination skills.  Students will be asked to learn the names of the notes by racing around the piano.  Students will not be asked to read notes on the staff at any point.  Staff reading is covered adequately by a large variety of method books.  Use these warm-ups in coordination with any of them.  In Finger Olympiad our emphasis is on the musicianship, not staff reading.

Bronze exercises begin at the same place as the fast start, but require many additional days of practice.  The average student who practices an average of five days a week will complete this book in roughly a semester.  Flash cards are also included to drill notes and positive learning habits.